Footings - Resolver

14 USD

Say hello to Footings' new album "Resolver," the stunning follow up to their 2016 album "Alienation".  

Gorgeous swells of viola and stately drumming (provided by Elisabeth Fuchsia and Dustin Ashley Cote) accompany frontman Eric Gagne's (Death to Tyrants, Dweller on the Threshold, Redwing Blackbird) crisp, clean guitar and humbling vocals with intimate and endlessly enjoyable results. Taking influence from progressive 90s rock (Pavement, Sonic Youth) and the early work of Mike Kinsella (American Football, Joan of Arc), Footings have crafted a record of incredible warmth that captures adulthood in all its love and sadness. Neither depressing nor overtly nostalgic, "Resolver" feels both like a celebratory hug from a close friend and a perfect soundtrack to a quiet walk through a sunlit New England forest. 

-Brian McNally

Pressed on 250 copies on "Petunia" vinyl with a matte finish jacket and an 11"x11" insert to complete the package.