Footings - S/T

14 USD

The forest is a large and wonderful place. Filled with all sorts of noise. The wind glides through trees tossing around all different kinds of leaves and the birds chirping in perfect harmony. Just like the effortless beauty of nature, there is a feeling of ineffable wonder that can be said the same about the newest Footings album. This music that would seem to be most suited for the thick of the New Hampshire woods, log cabins, and around late night campfires. Somehow Eric is able to make it SO much more than that. Channeling emotions of love, nostalgia, and melancholy. Through only electric/acoustic guitar, viola, drums, and beautiful vocal harmonies. The closest musical equivalent that can be compared to this masterwork would be the works of The Dirty Three, Songs: Ohia, and even Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Even then, it's not enough to convey the beauty of this album. The new s/t Footings lp is a fully realized version of what Eric Gagne has been looking toward in his songwriting over the past ten years. With a fully developed lineup of Elisabeth Fuchsia on viola, Rick Maguire (of Pile) on drums, with Jordan Holtz (Rick Rude) and Candace Clement (Bunny's a Swine) joining Eric on vocals, this is a rich collection of songs, documenting a constantly evolving songwriting energy. Both of us here at Don't Live Like Me are constantly reminded how good we have it as a label when we are able to release albums like this. 

Limited to 300 copies on 180g vinyl.